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God desires that our lives be centered in Him. When Christ is the center of our lives, we experience His strength in the middle of our stress!

- Kerry Shook

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Bob T. Post
February 25, 2019
Even thou I was born into a "Christian" home and I was baptized and confirmed I had no clue who Jesus was or what the Christian faith was about.

No doubt Christ may have been knocking on my hearts door all the time I didn't hear Him (or chose not to). I grew up rebellious because I did not understand or see the love of my earthy father who felt the most loving thing he could do was to see we wanted for nothing. This was not an unusual idea among men my fathers age who were children during the Great Depression of the 1930's.

Part of my rebellion was my love of hard rock and roll. The anger expressed through R&R was soothing to me because that's how I felt, angry. It was soothing to the point that I had not trouble going to sleep with Kiss, Black Sabbath, Iron Butterfly or any other metal group playing on the radio. I could sleep through this and it did nothing to wake me in the morning when the alarm went off.

I needed to find something on the radio that would wake me up so I could get to school or my job. After going back and forth across the AM and FM dial I found a Christian radio station. How HORRIBLE! To a heavy metal fan this was the absolute most putrid music I had ever heard! I placed my clock across my bedroom so I'd have to get out of bed to turn this retched noise off.

God works in mysterious ways and after about five years of this the Holy Spirit stirred in me and I wanted to know more about God. Before I would accept that there was a supreme, flawless being, I needed to be sure he was absolutely flawless.

At the age of 23 one of my mentors, a very young mechanic at a Tempo Department Store, asked me just the right question. John had become a bit frustrated with me asking so many questions about God (I still didn't know much about Jesus). I had been to a countless number of Bible Studies at his home with he and his wife yet I had not committed yet.

John knew that I was aware of the Devil. I was, it was much easier for me to think of Satan as being real then it was to think of a divine loving God. It doesn't take much thinking to see evil in the world but it takes a lot more, even back then, to see the good in the world.

I wasn't 100% convinced that a flawless god existed yet but John decided he was going to step forth in faith and ask me invite God into my life. John asked me "Bob, do you feel like the devil is after you?" NO was my reply. "What does that tell you?"

Even as stubborn and as thick I was at the time I knew what it meant. Why should Satan waste time trying to steal my soul when he already owned it?

That seemed like the right time to accept God the Father. The time to accept Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.

40 years later I still have my radio set to Christian Radio. All my radios. I love all that KHRT broadcasts. Personally I'm more drawn to the AM side but I listen to both nearly equally these days. I will never forget the debt I owe to Christian radio and that I why I love being part of the KHRT ministry. If you would like to know more about my love for Christ I would be happy to share it with you.

With all that being said I also what you to know that I still shake my head every day over my own fallen state. I need Jesus everyday. I need forgiveness everyday. The ministry of the church I attend and KHRT radio help me remember who I am and Who's I am. I am not perfect and I never will be... but I worship a God who is perfect and always will be.
Sarah N. Post
January 9, 2017
I just want to share my story to give an example how amazing God is. When I was 21 I found my self homeless with a 6 month old baby.(the result of escaping a domestic violence situation) I was living in a DV shelter with other survivors of domestic violence. I had no income and now a single mom.I was so scared. One thing I did have was a car and I would drive the 45 minutes every Sunday to church. I was involved in my church and met some friends along the way. I called to check my bank account balance on my way back from church one Sunday and the lady read me a 5 digit number I said what!No u have the wrong person mam can u check that again.she read all my information to me and she had the right account. A couple of days later I moved out of the shelter and got a two bedroom house and was able to buy everything we needed beds kitchen stuff everything since we only had a couple of clothes that was given to us. My point is if you are down like I was and u continue to praise God in the storm he sees you. He will bless you abundantly just like he did me.God says you don't have to worry just praise me I got you!
Starr R. Post
May 10, 2014
My name is Starr Rogers and I want to tell you my story of God's Grace and forgiveness.

At age 16, I was married. A few years later I became involved with a married man. We had an affair that produced a daughter, which I passed off as my husband's child. Our affair lasted 10 years, before my first marriage dissolved and I married this man. During those 10 years I had become pregnant four other times and all four times I aborted them.

It wasn't long after we married that I became pregnant for the sixth time. Like the others, he pitched a fit and demanded of me that I get rid of this pregnancy too. So, I traveled to Atlanta. I was in my third trimester and Alabama wouldn't allow an abortion that far along.

I entered the Atlanta abortion clinic. When you go into to these places, all they want to do is get you in and get your money. They sent me in to talk to this lady, and she was supposed to do all of this stuff. However when I met with her, it was the strangest thing. She told me all the things that they would do with my baby. She even showed me where they put the babies after they were aborted. She told me, "don't do this!" She said, "go back to Alabama and have my baby." That's what I did. I had a son.

Eventually I knew something was wrong with me. I couldn't be at peace. There was a constant churning inside of me all the time. I had so much rage that I just wanted to kill everybody. The anger, the rage, and my broken heart were unbearable. Trying to numb my anger and pain, I kept having other extramarital affairs, but I found no satisfaction in a man. I planned my suicide. I wrote letters to each one of my children about how sorry I was for committing suicide and that I loved them, but I just couldn't take the
pain anymore.

But God had a different plan! One day at the library I picked up a free, local Christian magazine. I ran across this article asking, "Do you need healing from your abortions?" There was a telephone number listed, and though I struggled, I called the number.

I am healed and able to forgive myself for murdering my children. I came to know our sweet, precious Savior and learned how amazing it is that He shed His blood for us. He, alone, can take you in His arms and wipe all the stains away. I want to help other women going through post-abortion like I was.

Starr Rogers

P.O. Box 365

Millbrook, AL 36054

Anonymous Anonymous Post
September 26, 2013
"Wow! What special blessings Doug & Jaci are each day as I drive into work. Whatever I am going through or experiencing, you two seem to hit the target with your words, your stories, your encouragement, and your sense of humor. I know that God has placed you in my life. I have called in several times and asked for prayer from you all for my daughter, her children and the strained relationship between my daughter and myself. All those prayers have been answered-I'm not surprised, because God is faithful. Thank you for your prayers, words of encouragement and for always being so upbeat, funny and REAL! I love you people and thank God for you each day. Please know that I continue to lift you up in my daily prayers as well." - Lisa
Anonymous Anonymous Post
September 26, 2013
"God bless you all. I've been having a rough time since my brother passed away. I've been so mad at God, and just got out an abusive relationship. I flipped through stations came across "My Savior My God" playing and I felt a peace." - Jenn
Aaron L. Post
July 24, 2013
Three months ago I left New Mexico in search of better job opportunities, i know work construction in Minot and it has been a experience, I have a wife and my seven month old son back home that I miss dearly. I know God has called me up here for a reason and it is just amazing how he has blessed me! My first week in Minot I was mad to the point where I could not fully trust in Him. Every day I listen to this radio station and i become more and more in love with our father! Thank you for helping me get through one of the hardest point in my life!!!!!!!!!!
Webmaster Post
February 15, 2013
Just wanted to share: A couple months ago, I would scroll thru radio stations, and on occasions stop and listen to your station. I was struggling with my life, choices I had made, way I was living and so on, one day while listening I heard Doug and Jackie talking about the 30 day positive listening challenge, and decided to try it. Wasn't long after that God really started moving on me, and things started changing in my life. I have been saved years ago, but I have been up and down, and back and forth, with no clear direction for the biggest part of my life. Today I can proudly say that I have completely surrender my life to Christ, and he works in me and thru me daily changing me and directing me in his ways. I honestly believe taking the challenge of the 30 days of positive music from your station, was the key and the beginning of this awesome change in my life, and wonderful relationship I now have with God. Thank you. - Sherry
Anonymous Anonymous Post
December 21, 2012
We recently received a basket from the Horn of Plenty and are so thankful! Our family isn't what most would consider needy but we have needs non the less. We were surprised someone had entered our name and thought we'd receive a nice little basket of a few things. What we got was nothing more than God giving to our family. We are so blessed to have received so much food and gifts for our children! I have a hard time expressing in words what this has meant for us. We have 4 children and are expecting number 5. Christmas is "tight" every year it seems but this year we are able to do a little more. We are so thankful for this ministry for others as we have supported you every year but to be the ones receiving is an incredible gift! Thank you to whomever put our name in. Thank you horn of plenty. You all are Jesus with skin on to our community and specifically to our family. We felt His love and His presence through this experience and will cherish it always.
Webmaster Post
August 24, 2012
"I have taken your 30 day challenge and wanted you to know that each time I turned the station on it was always playing a song that spoke right to my heart and lifted me as I am facing a very difficult time. At a time when to listen to most music is painful you are the only station that soothes rather than hurts! ~ Patti
Anonymous Anonymous Post
August 20, 2012
My cousin passed away Jan 23, 2012. I was thinking, "how am I going to get along with out her?" I TURNED ON THE RADIO and heard Jason Crabb singing I Sure Miss You, but Heaven is sweeter with you there - I KNEW I COULD MAKE IT. ~ Modena
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