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Be the kind of light that makes people squint so hard they can't even see you anymore.

- Bob Goff

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A Makoti man has been sentenced to serve 10 months in prison for breaking into a Minot business and setting it on fire after drinking at a bar....

     MINOT, N.D. (AP) - A Makoti man has been sentenced to serve 10 months in prison for breaking into a Minot business and setting it on fire after drinking at a bar. Authorities say 22-year-old Anthony Frederick smashed a window at Gourmet Chef on January 4th, trashed the business, set it on fire and then rummaged through a vehicle outside. The business was forced to shut down for two days for cleanup and repairs.
     The Minot Daily News reports Frederick pleaded guilty to three felonies including criminal mischief and endangering by fire, and authorities dropped a burglary count. Frederick was ordered to pay nearly $44,000 in restitution to the business and $1,350 in court costs.


     BISMARCK, N.D. (AP) - Trial has been set for late next year in a racial discrimination lawsuit brought by six workers on a gas plant construction site in North Dakota's oil patch.

    The Bismarck Tribune reports the six workers, all of whom are black, are suing California-based KS Industries for incidents that allegedly happened between 2012 and 2014. They say they were victims of racially offensive graffiti and harassment, and unfair employment practices and work assignments.

    The company says any issues resulted from the acts of the plaintiffs, including violation of company policies and procedures. The company also says the workers' firings were not related to their race, and that the workers didn't follow the company's internal grievance procedures.

    The case is to be heard October 22nd, 2019, in federal court in California's Eastern District.


     BISMARCK, N.D. (AP) - The North Dakota Industrial Commission will consider a task force's recommendations on how to reduce wasteful flaring of excess natural gas in the oil patch and spur infrastructure development.
     The Bismarck Tribune reports that the commission will meet with the North Dakota Petroleum Council task force on Tuesday. The meeting comes as the oil industry is advocating for the state to keep its current gas capture targets but revise its natural gas flaring policy.
     Companies captured nearly 90 percent of Bakken gas produced statewide in February, exceeding North Dakota's current requirement of capturing 85 percent. North Dakota's requirement will increase to 88 percent in November, a level regulators and industry leaders have cautioned could be difficult to meet as natural gas production is expected to continue breaking records.


     WASHBURN, N.D. (AP) - The North Dakota Game and Fish Department has closed access to West Arroda Lake in Oliver County due to dangerous ice conditions caused by rapidly receding water levels. Game and Fish staff during a routine April 10 inspection observed soil erosion around the outlet of the dam formed by a state highway about 20 miles west of Washburn. The lake is being drained so further inspections can be made.
     The lake level will remain low through the spring and summer, and possibly longer if repairs are necessary. The low water will make the boat ramp unusable and also make shore-fishing difficult. East Arroda Lake isn't affected, and the wildlife management area surrounding the lake remains open.


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