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KHRT Agriculture News - 08/14/19

More than 260 tons of unusable pesticides - an all-time record - were collected and shipped out of state in the 2019 Project Safe Send...

    BISMARCK, N.D. (NDDA) - More than 260 tons of unusable pesticides - an all-time record - were collected and shipped out of state in the 2019 Project Safe Send collections.

    "This year's total eclipses the previous record of 190 tons in 2015," Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring said. "More than 350 North Dakota farmers, ranchers, applicators, homeowners and others took part in the collections."

    Goehring said the results demonstrate a continued need for the program that enables people to safely and affordably get rid of unusable, unneeded or unwanted pesticides.

    The collections were conducted during July in 12 communities: Wyndmere, Ashley, Bismarck, Hettinger, Dickinson, Tioga, Minot, Harvey, Larimore, Langdon, Devils Lake and Valley City.

    Larimore recorded the largest collection with 126,980 pounds. Valley City was second with 65,998 pounds of unusable pesticides.

    The North Dakota Department of Agriculture contracted Veolia Environmental Services, Blaine, MN, to collect, repackage and transport the waste chemicals to out-of-state incinerators.

    Project Safe Send is funded by pesticide manufacturers through product registration fees in North Dakota.

    "Project Safe Send is a recognized model as a means for the public to safely get rid of these chemicals and help ensure a healthy environment," Goehring said. "The need for this program will continue, as more people learn how it benefits them and as more pesticides become obsolete and are no longer usable for current applications."


    FARGO, N.D. - The Northern Crops Institute in Fargo is hosting participants from South Asia during its Contracting for Wheat Value workshop. The six-day workshop began Wednesday and runs through Tuesday. It began in Fargo at the Northern Crops Institute and ends in Portland, OR at the Albers Mill Building.

    The workshop offers an extensive amount of education about the markets, technologies, and specifics of the wheat industry and market. Participants are taking part in open discussion lectures, learning from speakers, and taking part in hands on learning. Participants are involved in workshop activities such as: tours of elevators and farms; laboratory tests indicating influence of protein, moisture, and ash on wheat; and wheat product evaluations.


    FARGO, ND - North Dakota's farm real estate value, a measurement of the value of all land and buildings on farms, increased from 2018, according to USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service.

    Farm real estate value for 2019 averaged $1,740 per acre, up $30 per acre (2 percent) from last year.

    Cropland value increased 3 percent from last year to $1,920 per acre.

    Pastureland, at $820 per acre, was $44 higher than the previous year.

Cash rents paid to landlords in 2019 for cropland increased from last year.

    Irrigated cropland rent averaged $164 per acre, $1 above last year.

    Dryland cropland rent averaged $69 per acre, $5 higher than a year earlier.

    Pasture rented for cash averaged $17.50 per acre, $0.50 above the previous year.

    County level averages of 2019 cash rents paid to landlords will be released on September 10th.




   (Copyright 2019 by The Associated Press.  All Rights Reserved.)


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