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KHRT Agriculture News - 04/22/19

For the week ending April 21st, there were 1.6 days suitable for fieldwork....

    FARGO, N.D. - For the week ending April 21st, there were 1.6 days suitable for fieldwork, according to the USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service. Reports indicated that, on average, producers intend to begin fieldwork on April 29th.

    Topsoil moisture supplies rated 0 percent very short, 9 short, 70 adequate, and 21 surplus. Subsoil moisture supplies rated 3 percent very short, 17 short, 69 adequate, and 11 surplus.

    Field Crops Report

    Winter wheat condition rated 5 percent very poor, 6 poor, 25 fair, 63
good, and 1 excellent.

    Livestock Report

    Cattle and calf conditions rated 1 percent very poor, 4 poor, 20 fair, 70 good, and 5 excellent. Cattle and calf death loss rated 4 percent heavy, 74 average, and 22 light. Calving progress was 65 percent complete, equal to last year, and near 66 for the five-year average.

    Sheep and lamb conditions rated 0 percent very poor, 1 poor, 28 fair, 65 good, and 6 excellent. Sheep and lamb death loss rated 4 percent heavy, 76 average, and 20 light. Lambing progress was 79 percent complete, near 81 last year and 78 average. Shearing progress was 90 percent complete.

    Hay and roughage supplies rated 4 percent very short, 22 short, 68 adequate, and 6 surplus.

    Stock water supplies rated 0 percent very short, 4 short, 85 adequate, and 11 surplus.


    BISMARCK, ND (NDDA) - Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring has announced that approximately $130,000 is available to fund research and promotion of honey bees.

    "The North Dakota Department of Agriculture is seeking grant proposals for research into finding practical solutions to honey bee health issues; and for honey promotion and outreach projects" he said.

    Goehring said applicants can submit proposals for any or all of four research priorities:

    Varroa mite control
    Understanding honey bee viruses and effects on honey bee health
    Correlating pathogen presence to management practices
    Other problem-solving ideas of interest to the beekeeping industry

    Proposals for honey promotion and outreach projects must have a direct benefit to North Dakota honey producers.

    Multiple grants may be awarded. Proposals funding partial projects and proposals providing valuable extensions of previously funded projects will be considered.

    Complete information on applying for funds is available on the NDDA website at Grant applications must be received by May 31, 2019.

    Additional information is available by contacting Samantha Brunner at 701-328-4765 or


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