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Wed., 1/23/19

- First Baptist Church of Minot has cancelled all services and activities tonight




God's will is what we would choose if we knew what God knows.

- Nancy Leigh DeMoss

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USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service has issued their weekly crop & weather report....

    FARGO, N.D. - For the week ending May 13, 2018, there were 6.1 days suitable for fieldwork, according to the USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service.

    Topsoil moisture supplies rated 12 percent very short, 35 short, 50 adequate, and 3 surplus. Subsoil moisture supplies rated 15 percent very short, 36 short, 47 adequate, and 2 surplus.

    Field Crops Report

    Soybeans planted was 12 percent, behind 25 last year and 21 for the five-year average.

    Spring wheat planted was 52 percent, behind 68 last year, and near 56 average. Emerged was 8 percent, well behind 28 last year, and behind 24 average.

    Durum wheat planted was 27 percent, well behind 48 last year, and behind 36 average. Emerged was 2 percent.

    Winter wheat condition rated 3 percent very poor, 11 poor, 47 fair, 36 good, and 3 excellent. Winter wheat jointed was 11 percent, well behind 38 last year.

    Corn planted was 35 percent, behind 53 last year and 44 average. Emerged was 1 percent, behind 7 both last year and average.

    Canola planted was 23 percent, behind 40 last year and 34 average. Emerged was 1 percent.

    Sugarbeets planted was 90 percent, near 93 last year, but ahead of 71 average.

    Oats planted was 34 percent, well behind 69 last year and 55 average. Emerged was 5 percent, well behind 28 last year, and behind 21 average.

    Barley planted was 47 percent, well behind 68 last year, and near 51 average.

    Dry edible peas planted was 39 percent, well behind 75 last year, and behind 50 average. Emerged was 2 percent, behind 21 last year and 19 average.

    Sunflower planted was 2 percent, behind 10 last year and 7 average.

    Flaxseed planted was 11 percent, behind 30 last year and 24 average.

    Potatoes planted was 35 percent, near 38 last year, but ahead of 30 average.

    Dry edible beans planted was 5 percent, near 6 last year and 7 average.

    Pasture and Range Report

    Pasture and range conditions rated 6 percent very poor, 22 poor, 51 fair, 20 good, and 1 excellent.

    Stock water supplies rated 4 percent very short, 21 short, 72 adequate, and 3 surplus.


     BISMARCK, N.D. (AP) - North Dakota horse owners are on high alert amid the surfacing of a neurological disease.
     The Bismarck Tribune reports that the state High School Rodeo Association and the Junior High Rodeo Division have canceled several rodeos in the wake of Lil Sis, a barrel racing horse who died last month.
     Tests show Lil Sis had a neurological disease caused by a form of equine herpes called EHV-1. The horse's owners presume Lil Sis got infected when she was at the Bowman County Fairgrounds Indoor Arena this year.
     EHV-1 can be spread through air, contaminated equipment, clothing and hands. State veterinarian Susan Keller says there have been about five lab-confirmed cases of EHV-1 in North Dakota, but only one of the neurological form.
     Keller says owners can vaccinate horses against EHV-1.



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